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CDB Provides Grant To Upgrade Primary School In Jamaica

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- A rural school in Jamaica, built 80 years ago, will receive its first upgrade thanks to a grant of USD430,113 from the Caribbean Development Bank through its Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF).

Investing In Early Childhood Development In St. Kitts And Nevis

ST. MICHAEL (CDB) -- “A dentist’s mistake is pulled, a doctor’s mistake is buried, but a teacher’s mistake lives on.

MDB Heads Of Procurement Joint Communication

ST. MICHAEL (CDB) -- The 2016 meeting of the Multilateral Development Banks’ (MDBs) Heads of Procurement (HOP) was hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in Barbados, from October 25 – 27, 2016.

CDB And Government Of New Zealand Affirm Partnership On Geothermal Energy

ST. MICHAEL (CDB) -- The Government of New Zealand and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) have formally confirmed their ongoing partnership in support of geothermal energy development in the Eastern Caribbean.

CDB Approves Grant For Study On Water And Sewerage Facilities In Grenada

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant that will assist the Government of Grenada in its efforts to improve the efficiency of the country’s water and sewerage network.

CDB Approves USD10 Mn Loan To Build Growth, Resilience In Grenadian Economy

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- The Board of Directors of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a USD10 million (mn) policy-based loan to further build growth and resilience in the Grenadian economy.

CDB Approves USD10 Mn To Support Belize’s Main Poverty Reduction Agency

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) will assist the Government of Belize in strengthening an institution that is a key partner and important vehicle for providing services to poor and vulnerable communities in that...

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- In Guyana, there is growing demand for a workforce with specialized skills, as well as a need to increase sustainable employment opportunities for Guyanese.

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) has approved a grant of GBP1 million to assist in financing a technical assistance project for the rehabilitation of the Coastal Highway in Belize.

CDB Approves GBP13.9 mn Grant To Rehabilitate Road Network In Antigua And Barbuda

ST. MICHAEL, Barbados (CDB) -- Antigua and Barbuda is the first country to access major funding from the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Partnership Fund (UKCIF).


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